Student profiles

Meet students and graduates from various programmes in the Wellington Faculty of Health.

Ryl Jensen posing for a photo in her graduation attire. She is holding a bouquet of flowers.

Ryl Jensen

Embracing the potential of digital health.

A portrait of Arahina Roberts holding some balloons

Arahina Roberts

Arahina Roberts successfully completed an internship with SportNZ as part of her Bachelor of Health.

Katie Sharp (left) with Dr Ally Gibson

Katie Sharp

Katie Sharp was looking for a pathway to help people when she discovered the Bachelor of Health at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

A screenshot of Ali Leota from the video

Ali Leota

Ali Leota is graduating with a Bachelor of Health in Population Health, Policy and Service Delivery.

A portrait of Pramishka

Pramishka Madurapperuma

Pramishka Madurapperuma moved to New Zealand to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Health (Health Leadership and Management).

Tahu-Potiki Te Maro Doran posing for a photo with some textbooks.

Tahu-Potiki Te Maro Doran

Tahu-Potiki Te Maro-Doran is studying for a Bachelor of Health in Health Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington.

A portrait of Carly with the Wellington harbour in the background.

Carly Robinson

Carly Robinson had been a sales representative in the electrical industry for 12 years when she decided she wanted to study a Bachelor of Health.

A portrait of Leeanne Orban

Leeanne Orban

Leeanne Orban is a Clinical nurse specialist (RNP) and clinical team leader, primary healthcare. She is a student of our Master of Nursing Science.

A portrait of Jo Mulheron

Jo Mulheron

Jo Mulheron is a registered midwife studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Midwifery.

A portrait of Karen Holden

Karen Holden

Karen Holden is the Care capacity demand management nurse coordinator for Hutt Valley DHB and a student of the Master of Health.

A portrait of Malik Hasanain

Abdulmalik (Malik) Saleh Hasanain

Malik Hasanain is working towards his PhD in Nursing, focusing on experiences of prostate cancer among Jordanian Muslim men.

Shelley van der Krogt poses for a photo at her place of work.

Shelley van der Krogt

Shelley credits postgraduate study for allowing her to explore her passion for the art of nursing and sharing this with the wider nursing profession.

Krystal Williams poses for a photo

Krystal Williams

Krystal Williams is passionate about being a midwife and excited for the new possibilities postgraduate study is offering.

Jane Clarke posing for a photo at her desk.

Jane Clarke

Jane Clarke wanted to achieve a qualification that would benefit her overall practice and improve the service to patients.

Ellaine Ete-Rasch is completing her PhD in Nursing

Ellaine Ete-Rasch

Ellaine Ete-Rasch is a recipient of a Pacific Health Research PhD Scholarship from the Health Research Council to complete her PhD in Nursing at Victoria.

prospective Bachelor of Health student

Abby McRoberts

Abby is choosing the Bachelor of Health as a gateway into health promotion, where she can work on initiatives to enhance people’s wellbeing.

Portrait of James Rice Davies at the Wellington Regional Hospital.

James Rice-Davies

James Rice-Davies is the only Clinical Nurse Specialist in HIV in the Wellington region. He is also in the first year of his Doctor of Nursing.

Portrait of Shelley Teasdale

Shelley Teasdale

Shelley Teasdale is a registered midwife working towards a Doctor of Midwifery at Victoria University of Wellington.