Current PhD research

Meet a selection of PhD students in the Wellington School of Architecture and learn about their research.

Ackley Aniebietabasi

Ackley looks at the indoor environment of classrooms and the influence this has on students’ learning performance and health.

Armano Papageorge

Autonomous Off-Site Construction: Structurally Optimised and Mass Customisable Building Components.

Ged Finch

Developing affordable circular economy solutions for the construction industry.

Hamish Beattie

The Space of Discursive Urbanism: Exploring informal settlement upgrading through a “perceptual bridging” approach to participatory design gaming.

Harry Yi He

Design principles for outdoor wind environment in urban areas.

José Rafael Núñez Collado

(Re)constructing the Informal City. Urban narratives from Santo Domingo Slums.

Lateef Ademola Lawal

Spaces for improvement in childbirth recovery care: A case study of postnatal room designs in hospitals.

Lesley Metibogun

Integrated architectural strategies for the retrofit design of Auckland’s public library buildings.

Milad Moradibistouni

Use of zero energy prefabricated Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) as a potential solution to the shortage of housing in New Zealand.

Sophie Jerram

Sophie's research investigates the relationship between specific artistic encounters and commoning.

Tamaraukuro Tammy Amasuomo

Architects’ perception of the implementation of environmentally sustainable design.

Zahra Balador

The role of architects in increasing the use of reclaimed and recycled building materials in New Zealand

Germán Molina

Making indoor ‘comfort’ a selling point in the housing market.

Rachel Paschoalin

Renovation of Historic Buildings in New Zealand: Towards a holistic method for reducing environmental impact

Negin Imani

A cross-disciplinary design tool for finding inspiration in nature: biomimetic energy efficient building design

David Batchelor

David’s research produces Smart Heritage Principles that converge smart technologies with heritage within local government strategic documents and operations.