Volume 27, 2022

Hon Chief Justice Bill Hastings Foreword

Mele Tupou Vaitohi Using the Pasifika Talanoa Research Methodology in Equity Legal Research

Herve Raimana Lallemant-Moe Clearing the Path to Decolonisation with Pragmatism and Agility in a Global Pandemic Context: The Case of French Polynesia

Sylvie André Gauguin, Mythe Postcolonial à Tahiti

Sue Farran and Jennifer Corrin Comparative Perspectives on Plural Legal Governance of Marine Resources in the Pacific

Lili Song The Tongan Box Historic Claim: Potential Legal Issues

Sarina Theys #EndorseTheAO: Pacific Islands Students Fighting for Climate Change and the International Court of Justice

Aditi Shetye, Manon Rouby Climate Justice: Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice and the Impact of Youth Advocacy

Tania Berthou Fichiers Fonciers et Protection des Données en Polynesie Française: Quelques Principes Directeurs

Johanne Peyre Competition Law in French Polynesia: Enforcement Challenges from a Young and Small Competition Authority

Henry Brandts-Giesen and Daniel McLaughlin From Privacy to Transparency: An Update on Global and Domestic Steps to Improve Tax Compliance and Prevent Money Laundering

Tran Bao Cao Protection of Minority Shareholders - Vietnam

Tony Angelo Access to Legislation

John Jamieson Exploring a New Model of Communication, and Some Possible Implications for Aotearoa-New Zealand

Lise Hope Suveinakama A Personal Reflection on Access to Justice and the Role of Interpreters/Translators

Adriano Evangelisti Article 49.3 of the Constitution of France: Comparative Comments on Parlementarisme Rationalisé

Elisabeth Perham Book Review: Legal System of the Pacific: Introducing Sixteen Gems

Jamie Molea Book Review: Custom in Vanuatu

AH Angelo Book Notes

  • Niue Rising
  • Niue Law Reports
  • Tokelau Judgments