Postgraduate student profiles

Victoria’s doctoral and masters students have many opportunities to participate in the intellectual life of the Law School. There are designated offices for the PhD students which are in the heart of the historic buildings that house the Law School.

Depending on faculty needs and interests, there may be opportunities for research students to work alongside the permanent faculty as research assistants, supporting both scholarship and teaching, something that may be of particular interest to research students contemplating academic careers. Here are a few profiles of some of our current students and recent graduates.

Kay Stuart

Addressing Sexual Violence—Alternatives to Prosecution

Kay Stuart

Kay Stuart, one of our current doctoral candidates, is working with Dr Yvette Tinsley and Māmari Stephens to develop resolution processes in community for adult victims of acquaintance and date rape where going to court is not an option. In New Zealand, fewer than 10% of victims of sexual violation go to Police and only a minority of the cases reported are prosecuted, with the result most victims have no access to justice.

New Zealand is part of an international research community seeking solutions. Kay chose the Victoria University of Wellington Law School for her PhD because of the high quality of supervision and expertise available to her and the reputation for research excellence.