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Explore some of the Faculty of Law’s world-class research that spans domestic and international legal policy matters.

Victoria’s Faculty of Law is New Zealand’s leading centre of academic legal research, based on the latest Performance-Based Research Fund evaluation. Here are just a few of the faculty's research projects and areas of focus.

Human rights concerns as facial recognition technology use expands

Nessa Lynch

A research project led by Associate Professor Nessa Lynch has shown the potential impact that use of facial recognition technology (FRT) has on human rights. The study highlights the current regulation gap in Aotearoa New Zealand and their report makes 15 recommendations that aim to inform governments how best to manage the risks of the use of FRT.

Access to cross-border commercial justice

Petra Butler


Professor Petra Butler is leading a global research project on access to cross-border commercial justice for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) with researchers from country and regional capital city universities and research institutions.


Nicole Moreham

Dr Nicole Moreham's work on the law of privacy is funded by a five year Rutherford Discovery Fellowship from the Royal Society in 2011. Dr Moreham's principal project is a ground-breaking monograph on privacy protection in England and Wales.

Joanna Mossop at her book launch

Law of the Sea

What laws protect our environment, trading routes, sustainable fisheries and exploration and extraction of oil and gas when the law is based on a concept of freedom of the seas dating back centuries? These issues are key to research by senior lecturer Joanna Mossop.

Guy Sinclair

International organisations and the making of modern states

Senior Lecturer Guy Fiti Sinclair has written To Reform the World: International Organisations and the Making of Modern States, in which he argues that international organisations have been steadily expanding their powers far beyond their original remits in order to engage in nation building.

Carwyn Jones

Exploring the clash between Pākehā and Māori law

Dr Carwyn Jones’ New Treaty, New Tradition challenges the dominance of Western legal thought in Treaty of Waitangi negotiations, and argues that genuine reconciliation must involve recognition of Indigenous traditions.

Campbell McLachlan

Foreign Relations Law

Professor Campbell McLachlan’s book Foreign Relations Law shot to prominence in January when it was the only work of a living author cited by the majority of the United Kingdom (UK) Supreme Court in its Brexit judgment.

Grant Morris

Groundbreaking Mediation Research

Dr Grant Morris carried out New Zealand’s first research surveying the users of commercial mediation services. He found that although these users believe the quality of commercial mediation in New Zealand is high, they don’t use this approach to dispute resolution as often as previously thought.

Past research projects

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