2017 news

  • Law School – an image of the Old Government Building in Wellington.

    Brexit and the British constitution

    “Through a failure of statecraft on a scale unmatched since Lord North lost the American colonies, David Cameron has managed to convert a problem of party management into a constitutional crisis,” London School of Economics Professor of Public Law Martin Loughlin wrote in the London Review of Books shortly after the 2016 referendum in which Britain voted to leave the European Union.

  • Professor Tony Angelo QC with some of his current and former students

    Tony Angelo: A golden anniversary

    For half a century Professor Tony Angelo QC has been a fixture at Victoria’s Law School, where he’s dedicated a considerable part of his career to looking out for New Zealand’s smaller Pacific neighbours.

  • Satellite dish on top of a house.

    Sky TV calls the internet police

    Professor Graeme Austin considers what a win for Sky TV in its war on piracy might mean for New Zealand's copyright law.

  • Fanning Island Kiribati.

    Climate migrants will need more than 'dignity'

    If migration becomes necessary for low-lying states and New Zealand wants to help, we have to do so in ways that are socially and culturally sustainable, writes PhD student Nathan Ross

  • A profile image of David Woodnorth. Director, ComplyWith. LLM Well.

    Keep curious, keep learning

    Graduates of Victoria University are doing impressive things across the world. We caught up with alumnus David Woodnorth, who shared his advice, experience and memories.

  • The Law School with the Beehive in the background.

    Four key principles of NZ labour law

    Professor Gordon Anderson puts forward four principles of labour law to support and enhance the key objects of the Employment Relations Act.