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About us

Find out about the Faculty of Law and the stimulating and supportive learning environment we offer.

A world-leading, capital city Faculty of Law

Academically distinctive

Wellington’s Faculty of Law is dedicated to legal scholarship of the highest quality. Our courses reflect our capital city status and our research strengths in public, intellectual property, contract, commercial, financial markets, government and international law. We have a tradition of fostering strong global links in teaching, research and programmes of national significance and international quality.

Intellectual leadership

The Faculty is home to a diverse and expert group of distinguished law faculty with research degrees from world-leading universities. Research-active teachers, their work is widely published and they are deeply involved in law reform initiatives and teaching and research fora locally, nationally and internationally.

For our students, this means working with teachers who are setting the terms of debate for law reform, and contributing to national and international debates about how to use law to shape the commercial marketplace, to improve the functioning of government, and to enhance the dignity of individuals and peoples.

Excellence in research and teaching

Frequently ranked among the top 50 law schools in the world, Wellington’s Faculty of Law is also New Zealand’s leading centre of academic legal research, based on the latest Performance-Based Research Fund evaluation.

Our excellence in research enriches our teaching and sparks a virtuous cycle of leading-edge knowledge and learning. Because of our location, representatives from government and the public and private sectors, as well as visiting academics, add diversity to our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes.

We are focused on producing highly skilled, research-minded students who will be future leaders and influencers on the global stage.

Graduate attributes

The Faculty of Law prepares its graduates to:

  1. Have a specialised and contextualised understanding of core legal principles, important legal concepts, and law reform processes.
  2. Exhibit well-developed skills in legal research and analysis.
  3. Communicate effectively and accurately in written and oral settings.
  4. Demonstrate, in the context of legal studies, intellectual autonomy, critical thinking, independence of thought, openness to new ideas, and a capacity to manage their own learning.
  5. Exhibit an understanding of the role of law in Aotearoa/New Zealand including Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  6. Exhibit an understanding of law in its international context.
  7. Manifest a commitment to justice.
  8. Demonstrate an appreciation of the ethical obligations that accompany the application and development of the law.
  9. Work collaboratively, cooperatively, independently, and ethically.

A capital city University

Victoria University of Wellington and Wellington have a lot in common. They are both creative, diverse places, brimming with fresh ideas. If you are motivated to succeed, and you want to live and study in New Zealand’s creative, cultural and intellectual capital, Victoria University of Wellington is the place for you.

Wellington’s Faculty of Law plays an important role in the intellectual life of the capital city. Located in the heart of Wellington’s legal and political district, next to the courts, Executive Government and Parliament, we are in a privileged position to inform thinking and lead debate on legal, policy and governance issues that affect all New Zealanders and global citizens.

The vigorous and constant programme of conferences, public lectures and international visitors provides a stimulating and supportive learning environment.