Law competitions

The Law Competitions give students the chance to learn skills that are essential for a lawyer. In addition to their educational value, competitions offer exciting contest between students.

There are four main types of competitions:

  • Mooting: a mock court scenario where competitors present opposing sides of a case
  • Client interviewing: competitors must best gather information from and give preliminary advice to an actor playing a client with a scripted problem
  • Negotiation: competitors, acting as counsel for their respective clients, must negotiate a solution between disputing parties
  • Witness examination: competitors assume the role of counsel, and examine witnesses before a judge.

All open-entry competitions are offered towards the start of the year.The winners receive paid trips to both the Australasian and the New Zealand Law Students' Society conferences, where they compete against other universities.

Mooting and negotiation are also offered as 200-level only competitions in the latter half of the year, giving junior students an ideal stepping stone to the national and international level. The Law Students' Society organizes the competitions and can offer advice on how to be involved.

For more information about the Society and how to become a member, go to VUWLSS or follow us on Facebook.