Research Areas for PhD and LLM supervision

At Victoria University of Wellington’s Faculty of Law, research supervision at both PhD and Master’s levels is second to none.

Applicants are welcome to contact prospective supervisors—our Faculty members’ areas of interest are listed below. Click on a person’s name to view their detailed profile and contact details.

Subject Area Faculty Member
Administrative Law Eddie Clark; Dean Knight
Bill of Rights Claudia Geiringer; Petra Butler
Children's Rights Nessa Lynch
Chinese Law Ruiping Ye
Climate Change Bjørn-Oliver Magsig
Company law Victoria StaceMatteo Solinas
Comparative Law Tony Angelo; Marcin Betkier; Richard Boast; Petra Butler; Alberto Costi ; Joel Colón-Ríos; Matteo Solinas; Ruiping Ye
Competition Law Marcin Betkier; Paul Scott
Conflict of Laws Petra Butler; Campbell McLachlan
Constitutional Law Tony Angelo; Petra Butler; Joel Colón-Ríos; Claudia Geiringer; Mark Hickford ; Dean Knight
Constitutional Theory Joel Colón-Ríos
Consumer Law Kate Tokeley
Contract Law David McLauchlan; Paul Scott
Counter-Terrorism/Security Marnie Lloydd
Criminal Law and Justice Nessa Lynch; Zoë Prebble; Tony Smith; Yvette Tinsley
Data Privacy/Data Protection Marcin Betkier
Employment and Labour Law Gordon Anderson
Environmental law Alberto Costi; Catherine Iorns; Bjørn-Oliver Magsig; Joanna Mossop
Ethics Marnie Lloydd
European Law Marcin Betkier; Matteo Solinas; Michelle Zang
Evidence Yvette Tinsley
Family Law Bill Atkin
Feminist Legal Theory Zoë Prebble
German Law Petra Butler
Human Rights Petra Butler; Claudia Geiringer; Marnie Lloydd
Immigration and Refugee Law Marnie Lloydd
Indigenous rights Richard Boast; Catherine Iorns; Ruiping Ye
Insolvency Law Victoria Stace
Intellectual Property Law Graeme Austin; Susy Frankel
International Arbitration Petra Butler; Campbell McLachlan
International Commercial Law Petra Butler
International Economic Law Meredith Kolsky Lewis; Michelle Zang
International Law Alberto Costi; Marnie Lloydd; Bjørn-Oliver Magsig; Campbell McLachlan
International Trade Law Gordon Anderson; Susy Frankel; Meredith Kolsky Lewis; Michelle Zang
IT Law/Internet Law Marcin Betkier
Italian Law Matteo Solinas
Judicial review Dean Knight
Land Law Richard Boast; Ruiping Ye
Latin American Constitutionalism Joel Colón-Ríos
Law and Economics Paul Scott
Law and Language Māmari Stephens
Law and Literature Grant Morris
Law and Sexuality Eddie Clark;
Law of Armed Conflict Alberto Costi; Marnie Lloydd
Law of Contempt Tony Smith
Law of Freshwater Resources Bjørn-Oliver Magsig
Law of Privacy Marcin Betkier; Nicole Moreham
Law of the Sea Bjørn-Oliver Magsig; Joanna Mossop
Law of Small States Petra Butler
Legal History Richard Boast; Mark Hickford; Grant Morris; Matteo Solinas ; Ruiping Ye
Legal Theory/Jurisprudence Mark Bennett; Joel Colón-Ríos
Local Government Dean Knight
Māori Land Law Richard Boast
Media Law Marcin Betkier; Nicole Moreham; Steven Price; Tony Smith
Medico-legal Bill Atkin; Kate Tokeley
Negotiation and Mediation Grant Morris
Pacific Law Tony Angelo
Political and Social Theory Mark Bennett
Property Law Mark Bennett; Victoria Stace; Ruiping Ye
Public Law Petra Butler; Eddie ClarkJoel Colón-RíosAlberto Costi; Claudia Geiringer; Mark Hickford; Dean KnightTony Smith
Securities Regulation Matteo Solinas; Victoria Stace
Tax John Prebble
Torts Bill Atkin; Geoff McLay; Nicole Moreham
Trusts Law Mark Bennett; Geoff McLay
Unjust Enrichment Petra Butler
Welfare Law Bill Atkin; Māmari Stephens