400-and 500-Level alternative course preference process

LLB (Hons) and LLM coursework students applying for 400- and 500-level LAWS courses must specify alternative courses as part of the online enrolment application process.

Limited entry

Each 400- and 500-level seminar course is limited to 14 spaces.

The Director of Postgraduate Studies and the Honours coordinator determine the actual placements in courses. They consider the following criteria:

  • achieving an even distribution of students
  • finding a balance between LLB(Hons) and LLM students
  • the student's proposed study choices and any stated reasons for those choices
  • the balance of each student's preferred courses over different trimesters

Completing Honours students are given priority over first-time Honours students.

How to enrol in 400- and 500-level courses

As part of the online enrolment process:

  1. Select the courses that you want to be enrolled in. These are your first preferences. Select Add to Course List.
  2. Select the other 400- or 500-level courses you would be prepared to take if your first-choice courses are full. Select Add as Alternative Course.
  3. Once you have selected all of your alternative courses, use the buttons on the right to rank your options. 1 is your first alternative preference.
  4. Continue and submit the online enrolment application.
  5. If there is a reason you cannot enrol in a particular course, or if there is a course you especially want or need to take, send an email with details of your position to law-enquiries@vuw.ac.nz. Use the subject line ‘Honours course preference’ or 'LLM course preference'. Examples of reasons (for and against) include:
    1. academic or career-related research
    2. childcare or family commitments
    3. overseas exchange arrangements
    4. medical considerations.

    Also email us with a brief explanation if you are not in a position to select alternative courses. You do not need to email about previously completed courses or timetable clashes.

Important information

  • You must submit your enrolment application by 1 December.
  • In addition to a selection of undergraduate Law courses, first year LLB(Hons) students normally enrol in LAWS 489 and one seminar course from LAWS 430-470, while second year LLB (Hons) students normally enrol in a second seminar from the LAWS 430-470 selection plus one approved Masters course from LAWS 500-528. The Honours Coordinator can allow alternative degree plans.
  • Full-time LLM students doing the degree by coursework must enrol in LAWS 581, one course from LAWS 501-528, and 70 further points from LAWS 501-589 (120 points in total).
  • LLM thesis students do not enrol online. Enrolment applications are made on forms available from the postgraduate administrator.