Volume 26, 2021

Dedication – Professor DE Paterson
Sir Albert R Palmer Foreword

Sir David Baragwanath Legal Ethics in an Age of Evolving Technology


Wiliame Iupeli Gucake The Cook Islands within the Realm: A Storm Cloud with no Rain?

Unaisi Narawa Australasian Conference Association Ltd v Mere Sela and Ors [2007] FLR 12: A Case Analysis

Vergil Narokobi Judicial Review of Constitutional Questions in Papua New Guinea

Kari Young Human Rights on Pitcairn: A Sacred Trust … .

Hervé Raimana Lallemant-Moe L'application de la Declaration des Nations Unies sur les Droits des Peuples Autochtones: Une Quasi-negation de la Reconnaissance des Peuples du Pacifique

Hinatea Paoletti La Mise en Œuvre de la Loi du Pays Visant à Organiser le Titrement de Certaines Terres Sises à Rurutu et Rimatara, Archipel des Australes, Polynésie Française

Beatrice Tabangcora An Analysis of the 2021 Electoral Decisions of the Samoan Courts

Mele Tupou Constitutional Weaving: A Conceptual Approach to Examination of the 2010 Constitutional Reform in the Kingdom of Tonga

Jennifer Corrin Legal Scholarship and Pacific Islands' Jurisprudence

AH Angelo and Janielee Avia It's a Long Time since 1877: The Persistence of Custom


Morsen Mosses and Talitha-Kumi Geparo The Response to COVID-19 and Human Rights' Challenges in Fiji and Vanuatu: Were the Measures Proportionate?

Janielee Avia Traditional Knowledge and Climate Change: Lessons of Resilience from  the Pacific

Sarina Theys Leading the Way: Pacific Island Countries and the United Nations Climate  Change Negotiations

Philipp Semmelmayer Climate Change and Torts: New Zealand and Germany

Kahealani Sinahemana Hekau Low Carbon Development Policies, the Environment and the Laws – Niue


Sylvie André Un Exemple d'Anthropologie Androcentrée: Les Cheffesses  en Polynésie Française entre la «Découverte» et l'Annexion  (1767-1901: Annexion de Rimatara)

John Jamieson "My Language Made me do it" – The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Revisited for the Context of Aotearoa-New Zealand


AH Angelo and Sarah Mead A New Civil Code in Seychelles

Xavier Cabannes Petite Selection de Jurisprudences Fiscales Polynesiennes en Guise de Requiem Chronique de Jurisprudence Fiscale Relative à la Polynésie Française:  le retour et la fin - Années 2018 à 2020



The support of the Victoria University of Wellington Foundation for the publication of this volume is acknowledged with gratitude.