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Volume 51, Issue 1

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  • Encoding Equality: The Case for Greater Regulation of Artificial Intelligence and Automated Decision Making in New Zealand
    Ella Brownlie
  • The Majestic Equality of Disenfranchisement: Assessing the Right to Freedom from Discrimination in Light of the Ngaranoa Litigation
    Charlie Cox
  • Stepping Out of Bounds: The Over-Prosecution of Recreational Athletes in Light of DFSNZ v XYZ
    Marko Garlick
  • Depriving Right-Holders of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms Too Easily? Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association Inc v Brett and the Issue of Waiver under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990
    Rosa Laugesen
  • Purchase Money Security Interest Refinancing in New Zealand: A Case for Retention of Super-Priority
    Arielle Tracey
  • A Moment's Inadvertence Should Not Bring Down the Heavens: Rethinking Proportionality in Negligence Law in New Zealand
    Karan Venter
  • Nothing to See Here? The Extension of Parent Company Liability in James Hardie Industries plc v White
    Tom White
  • Recent Research