Law Review submissions

The Victoria University of Wellington Law Review is happy to receive submissions from international and domestic authors. Academic articles are subject to an academic refereeing process.

The Law Review publishes both general issues, containing articles on diverse subjects, and special issues with particular themes.

The Law Review also publishes longer works in its monograph series, and sponsors symposia to promote scholarship on important issues.

The Law Review is, true to Professor McGechan’s original vision, run by both Faculty and students. Faculty are responsible for the overall quality of the Review and its general administration. The Editorial Committee organises and oversees the refereeing process.

The team of student editors is guided by the Student Editor-in-Chief.

The Managing Editor is responsible for overall management and production.

The Law Review have guidelines on submitting.

Articles may be submitted to:

Victoria University of Wellington Law Review
Faculty of Law
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
New Zealand