Current PhD students

The following PhD students have presented a seminar to the Law Faculty on their thesis topic and have moved from provisional to full registration to reflect satisfactory progress in their study.

simon foote

Simon Foote

Supervisors: Professor Campbell McLachlan and Professor Petra Butler

Thesis:  "Finding the Bona Fide Investor: Corporate Nationality and Treaty Shopping in Investment Treaty Law"

Emma Gabor

Supervisors: Dr Bevan Marten and Professor Graeme Austin

Thesis: "Resolving Insurance Issues for Multi-Unit Buildings"

Vanessa James

Vanessa James

Supervisors: Professor Petra Butler and Karen McBride-Henry

Thesis:  “Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals to realise the human right to a healthy environment”

Amokura Kawharu

Amokura Kawharu

Supervisors: Professor Campbell McLachlan and Associate Professor Grant Morris

Thesis: "The Formation and Consequences of a Legal Order for International Commercial Arbitration"

Nikita Melashchenko

Supervisors: Professor Susy Frankel and Dr Mark Bennett

Thesis: "Data Localisation Barriers to International Digital Trade: Pursuing the Balance between Data Sovereignty and Free Trade under the WTO Regime"

Tipene Merritt

Tipene Merritt

Supervisors:  Associate Professor Carwyn Jones and Professor Graeme Austin

Thesis:  “Protecting Mātauranga Māori as a Consequence of Behaviour Change”

Cody Rei-Anderson

Cody Rei-Anderson

Supervisors:  Professor Susy Frankel and Associate Professor Jessica Lai

Thesis:  “Copyright and Podcasting: Investigating IP’s Role in a Digital Media Ecosystem”

Laura Rodriguez Rengifo

Laura Rodriguez Rengifo

Supervisors: Professor Nicole Moreham and Professor Yvette Tinsley

Thesis:  "How to regulate Cyberbullying in New Zealand”

Annabel Shaw

Annabel Shaw

Supervisors: Professor Alberto Costi and Associate Professor Grant Morris

Thesis:  “Climate Change Dispute Resolution”


Kay Stuart

Supervisors: Professor Yvette Tinsley and Professor Elisabeth McDonald

Thesis: "Community Resolution Processes: A Way Forward for Victims of Sexual Violence"

Osvaldo Urrutia

Osvaldo Urrutia

Supervisors: Professor Campbell McLachlan and Associate Professor Joanna Mossop

Thesis: "Unregulated Fishing on the High Seas in Customary International Law"

Jose Villalobos

José Villalobos Ruiz

Supervisors:  Professor Claudia Geiringer and Dr Guy Fiti Sinclair

Thesis:  "The Implications of the Historical Connection between Mid-20th Century Socialism and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights"