Current PhD students

The following PhD students have presented a seminar to the Law Faculty on their thesis topic and have moved from provisional to full registration to reflect satisfactory progress in their study.

Prakriti Bhatt

Supervisors: Richard Boast and Ruiping Ye

Thesis: "British Justice and Native Land Tenure: Indirect Rule in British India, New Zealand, and British Africa from the Late-18th to the Early-20th Centuries"

Deborah Deane

Supervisors: Mark Bennett and Matteo Solinas

Theses: "The evolving client-firm relationship in United Kingdom financial services law and regulation: can social and ethical norms be part of the business and regulatory relationship under English law?"

Injy Johnstone

Supervisors: Bjørn-Oliver Magsig and Michelle Zang

Thesis: "Net-Zero: The New Norm?"

Amokura Kawharu

Amokura Kawharu

Supervisors: Campbell McLachlan and Grant Morris

Thesis: "The Foundations and Consequences of an Arbitral Legal Order"

Khushbu Kumari

Supervisors: Jessica Lai and Susy Frankel

Thesis:  "Data Exclusivity: an alternative to patent regime? The Indian Perspective"

Temitope Kuti

Supervisors: Susy Frankel and Jessica Lai

Thesis: "The Realisation of Technology Transfer through the Access and Benefit Sharing Regime: Which Way Forward?"

Raina Meha

Ngāti Pikiao, Ngāti Makino, Ngāti Kahungunu, Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki

Supervisors: Mike Ross and Māmari Stephens

Thesis: "The Taniwha in the boardroom. Navigating conflicts of interest and Maori governance"

Natdanai Nachan

Supervisors:  Eddie Clark and Joel Colón-Ríos

Thesis: The Constitutions of the Kingdom of Thailand: Elite­ Constructed Constitution

Maria Rabino Neira

Supervisors: Alberto Costi and Marnie Lloydd

Thesis: "The Evolution of United Nations Humanitarian Exemptions and the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflicts Involving Counter-terrorism Sanctions"

Kent Newman

Supervisors: Nicole Moreham and Graeme Austin

Thesis:  "Common Law's Contribution to the Future Regulation of Targeted Advertising"

Yvonne Oldfield

Supervisors: Gordon Anderson and Amanda Reilly

Theses:  "The Scope of Standard Setting in the International Labour Organisation: Developing a definition of 'worker'"

Laura Rodriguez Rengifo

Laura Rodriguez Rengifo

Supervisors: Nicole Moreham and Yvette Tinsley

Thesis:  "Cyberbullying Among Children"

Etienne Wain

Supervisors: Māmari Stephens and Luke Fitzmaurice-Brown

Thesis: "What it Means to be Tangata Tiriti: a Conceptual Framework"