Postgraduate courses

Our postgraduate courses are offered over all three trimesters and in a range of formats that allow you to tailor your studies to fit around your needs. Courses can be taken individually or as part of a qualification—view programme options.

Trimester Three, 2021-2022

2022 Courses by Trimester

  • Trimester 1 Classes run Monday 28 February–Friday 3 June, unless otherwise indicated
  • Trimester 2 Classes run Monday 11 July–Friday 14 October, unless otherwise indicated
  • Trimester 3 Classes run Monday 14 November–Friday 17 February 2023, unless otherwise indicated.

Trimester One, 2022

Trimesters One and Two, 2022

Trimester Two, 2022

Trimesters Two and Three, 2022

Trimester Three, 2022-2023

Trimesters Three and One, 2022-2023