Tātai Ture

Tātai Ture tells the story of the Law School and its people, connecting the past, present and future generations of law students.

Tātai Ture is both a reminder our inheritances and our relatedness, and a point of departure from which to imagine new ways of thinking and being.

Tātai Ture was launched in May 2021 as part of our celebration of the 25th anniversary of making Old Government Buildings our home. We have been housed here since our departure from the main Kelburn campus in 1996, and these buildings hold a special significance for the Faculty of Law.

This project recognises members of our community and especially our alumni. We celebrate the post-study successes of the latter as we fondly remember their time at the Faculty of Law. Tātai Ture also aims to recognise the rich heritage of the Law School and the support of our alumni, donors, and wider community.

Tātai Ture will be an on-going project. We will feature alumni and notable members of our community on displays around the Law School and in feature pieces on our website.