Finding a supervisor

We encourage you to approach potential supervisors and discuss your research ideas. The final allocation of supervisors will be made by the relevant school.

Doctoral research is always conducted under supervision. Once you have been accepted as a PhD or professional doctoral candidate, you will have two academic supervisors.

We encourage you to research potential supervisors and discuss your project ideas with them in advance of your application. But you don’t need to have a confirmed supervisor before you apply. The final allocation of supervisors will be made by the relevant School, taking into account research interests and available resourcing.

Explore our researchers

You can search the University's directory of research staff to find people working in your area of interest. When you find someone, you can approach them directly.

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Explore our research

The Research section of our website showcases our strengths and can be used to explore the research areas of our schools, specialist centres, and institutes. You can find individual staff and research groups listed on the website of each school, centre, or institute.

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Postgraduate coordinators

Each school has a postgraduate coordinator, who may be able to connect you with relevant research groups and potential supervisors.

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Applying without a supervisor

Finding a supervisor before you apply is not always necessary. If you are accepted as a doctoral candidate, the relevant school will allocate you a supervisor according to your research interests and staff availability.

Working with your supervisors

You will work closely with your academic supervisors throughout your studies. They will be your guides, critics, and mentors. Read more about research supervision in our guide for current candidates.