Integrating digital surveys and interventions

Find out about research investigating ways to integrate opt-in digital interventions into online health surveys.

Imagine surveying thousands of people to identify health needs yet providing no intervention. This is the norm in survey research. It would be shocking in health services and is unnecessary in the age of digital surveys and digital health interventions. Digital interventions are highly scalable and are increasingly important in health strategies. However, uptake of these interventions outside of trials is typically disappointing and may increase disparities.

Associate Professor Terry Fleming and the Youth19 project team are investigating methodologies for integrating opt-in digital interventions to online health surveys, using the Youth19 survey as a case study. The team are exploring uptake of digital interventions among participant groups, examining impacts on disparities, and identifying opportunities to improve intervention uptake. They will examine the potential of this 'integrated survey and intervention research' approach for both participants and for research.

Find out more about Youth19 on their website.

Associate Professor · Co-leader Digital Mental Health Catalyst
School of Health