Appointments with a doctor or nurse

Learn more about the types of doctor and nurse appointments that Mauri Ora offers.

We offer acute health care, telephone triage, chronic condition and accident management, and health and wellbeing support. Appointments for contraception (including long-acting, removable contraception advice and fitting), sexual health checks, travel consultations, minor operations (e.g. mole removal and toenail resections), and preventative health care (e.g. immunisations) are also available. See our full list of fees.

General consultations

You must book an appointment in advance to see a doctor or a nurse. Waiting times will vary throughout the year.

A standard appointment is 15 minutes. If you have a complex issue or multiple issues to discuss, ask for a longer appointment when you make your booking.

Same-day appointments

We keep a number of spaces available for same-day, urgent appointments—but these are subject to availability on each given day.

If you are not in an emergency situation, but need to see a doctor urgently, call us on +64 4 463 5308 and we will arrange for a GP or nurse to call you back for an assessment.

Practice Plus

Practice Plus is an online health service available to students enrolled with Mauri Ora—you can use your phone or computer to have a virtual consultation with a GP. This service can be used when you can't access your regular doctor, for example, outside of the normal operating hours of Student Health.

Practice Plus is available on weekdays from 5 pm to 10 pm, and on weekends and public holidays from 8 am to 8 pm.

Students who are registered with the Student Health service can use Practice Plus with no charge using a code. Please contact us for this code.

Visit the Practice Plus website

For an emergency that is happening right now, dial 111, and 8888 on campus.

Sexual harm

If you have experienced any type of sexual harm, our Mauri Ora team of doctors and nurses can help.

If you need immediate care (i.e. you have experienced sexual harm within the last 7 days or are experiencing any concerning symptoms), you should contact the local specialist sexual assault clinic for medical care. They offer a safe environment and sensitive medical and forensic care for people aged 14 years and over who have experienced sexual assault or abuse. You can access their team any time for medical care and support, including prevention of pregnancy, STI, and injury treatment. They can also collect forensic evidence for the Police if you decide this is how you want to proceed.

For non-urgent support, advice or medical care, please call 04 463 5308 and talk to the triage nurse, who will be able to make an appointment on your behalf. If you would like to book directly with one of our doctors who has specialised training in this area, visit the bios on our webpage for more information.

If you simply need someone to talk to, Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP operates a 24-hour crisis support line and has on-site support workers. They are there to listen and help, and can support you if you decide to go for a forensic medical examination or report to the police. You can call them on (04) 801 6655 and push '0' at the menu.

You can also contact the New Zealand Police if you are concerned about safety, would like advice, or if you would like to report what happened to you.

These services are free, no matter whether you are a NZ resident or an International student.

For support within the university, or advocacy in terms of your studies, please contact the Student Interest and Disputes Team or the VUWSA advocacy service.

Accessing gender-affirming healthcare

We provide advice and support for gender-affirming healthcare.

Lifestyle and wellbeing consultations

You can improve your quality of life with guidance from our nurses.

These appointments are 30 minutes long and free for registered patients. This service includes:

  • alcohol support
  • smoking cessation
  • diet and exercise advice
  • asthma review and support
  • diabetes review and support.

Travel consultations

We offer consultations for students with travel plans who need vaccinations, medication or advice from a doctor. These consultations are 30 minutes long and charges apply. Make sure you visit us at least eight weeks before your trip.

Test results

We contact all patients about their test results following their appointment with a doctor or a nurse—even if the results are normal.

We recommend that you always find out the results of your medical tests. You can call reception +64 4 463 5308 to enquire about the status of your test results.

How to book an appointment

You will need to call +64 4 463 5308 to arrange an appointment.

If you need to cancel your appointment—let us know as early as possible. Appointments missed or cancelled less than 1 hour before the appointment time will incur a fee. You can leave a message to cancel after hours.