Counselling appointments

How to make a counselling appointment at Mauri Ora and what to expect when you see a counsellor.

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Find out what to expect at your appointment.

Student Counselling at Mauri Ora

Student Counselling provides short-term counselling support for any issues that are affecting your studies. For example, life challenges, relationships, family issues, sexuality, depression, anxiety, stress, and addiction.

Two or three counselling sessions are often enough to help manage things better and get your life and your studies back on track. We encourage you to seek help as early as possible if you’re struggling with your mental health—don’t think of counselling as a last resort. If you need more sessions, we will discuss this with you and work together to develop a plan.

All sessions are free for domestic students and NZAid students. View our pricing schedule if you're an international student.

Short-term counselling

One to three sessions with the same counsellor. The counsellor will clarify why you are here, assist you to resolve any immediate issues, and work with you to develop a plan to get back on track with your life and studies.

Same day counselling

A same-day counsellor is available for one-off on-the-day appointments between 10 am–4 pm Monday to Friday. If you are feeling distressed or need brief counselling support to discuss an extension, late withdrawal, academic progress difficulties, or are unsure who to see to sort out a personal or academic issue, this is an option for you. We recommend calling from 8.30 am as there can be high demand for same-day appointments during peak times.

Other counselling options

We have other counselling options available which can be discussed with your counsellor.


If you’re unable to keep a booked appointment we need at least 24 hours' notice. This allows us to offer the appointment to another student who needs our help. There will be a fee if you miss your appointment without cancelling or if you cancel at short notice.

Academic support

Help is available if you're feeling unwell, or if something else serious happens around exam time. You’re eligible to apply for an extension, aegrotat, or late withdrawal if exceptional personal circumstances are significantly disrupting your studies. See help at exam time for more information.

Student wellbeing

The university provides a range of wellbeing resources on various topics. These include, presenting confidently, stopping procrastinating, mindfulness and grounding, sleep, managing anxiety, and regulating difficult emotions.

Risk to self or others

If you or someone else is at risk of suicide or serious harm, we will ensure a counsellor or other clinician is able to see you promptly. Let our reception know if this applies to you.

Other counselling providers

There are other counselling providers available who charge no fees or reduced fees, depending on your financial situation.

Your privacy

The Counsellors abide by the Mauri Ora privacy and confidentiality agreement. Make sure you read this, as it tells you what you need to know about how we record, store, and dispose of your session notes.