Appointments and services

The Mauri Ora (Student Health and Counselling) team provide a range of services to help students manage their physical and mental wellbeing while at university.

Respectful behaviour

We expect all communication and interaction with our staff to be respectful, whether in person, over the phone, or virtually.

If you are enrolled as a student at the University, the Student Conduct Statute applies to you. If at any time your conduct amounts to, or may amount to, misconduct under the Student Conduct Statute, a formal process may be undertaken in accordance with that statute.

COVID-19 information

Find out how to access health and wellbeing services during COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccinations

Mauri Ora will no longer be operating its Covid-19 vaccination clinic and the vaccine will not be available at any of our locations.

Booking a Health Appointment

Our dedicated team of doctors and nurses provide primary medical care as well as health education and promotion.

Counselling appointments

How to make a counselling appointment at Mauri Ora and what to expect when you see a counsellor.

Student support coordinators

Get confidential help to support your health and wellbeing while you're staying in University accommodation.

Health improvement practitioner appointments

Our Health Improvement Practitioner provides support to students so they can create solution focused action plans and develop skills to empower self-management.

Health coach appointments

Our Health Coach provides support to students so they can achieve their goals for improved mental wellbeing, lifestyle or behaviour change.

Specialist clinical services

Student Health offers a number of different specialist services. We can arrange appointments on campus, or point you in the right direction.

Accessing gender-affirming healthcare

Our health and counselling (Mauri Ora) teams can provide advice and support for gender-affirming healthcare.

Sexual harm

If you have experienced any type of sexual harm, our Mauri Ora team of doctors and nurses can help.

Online prescription request

You must complete our online form to order a prescription of medication.

Cancelling your appointment

How to cancel your Health or Counselling appointment at Mauri Ora.

Help at exam time

Sickness, injury or serious personal circumstances may significantly affect your ability to take exams or assessments. Learn about the support we provide.

After-hours services

If you need to get medical treatment outside of our normal hours, you can talk a GP online through Practice Plus or go to the Wellington After Hours clinic.


MyIndici is a patient portal platform that allows you to access your health information and interact with Mauri Ora through a secure online service.


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