Contraception is available in a number of different forms. Make an appointment with a nurse or a doctor to discuss the best kind of contraception for you.

In addition to hormone pills (oral contraception) there are other methods of contraception available, such as:

  • condoms
  • diaphragm
  • spermicide
  • injectable (depo provera)
  • intra-uterine device (IUD)
  • implant (jadelle)
  • hormone intra-uterine system (IUS).

For emergency contraception (IUD or ECP), call our main reception on (04) 463 5308 and ask to speak with a Telephone Triage Nurse.

For advice outside our normal hours, call Healthline on 0800 611 116.

You can also read more about emergency contraception on the Ministry of Health website.

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