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Make an appointment at Mauri Ora with a doctor, nurse, or counsellor.

COVID-19 and Mauri Ora

Mauri Ora is following government healthcare guidelines.

Find out what to expect at your appointment.

Appointments with a doctor or nurse

Learn more about the types of doctor and nurse appointments that Mauri Ora offers.

Counselling appointments

How to make a counselling appointment at Mauri Ora and what to expect when you see a counsellor.

Specialist clinical services

Student Health offers a number of different specialist services. We can arrange appointments on campus, or point you in the right direction.

Health improvement practitioner appointments

Our Health Improvement Practitioner provides support to students so they can create solution focused action plans and develop skills to empower self-management.

Student support coordinators

Get confidential help to support your health and wellbeing while you're staying in University accommodation.

Mental health coordinators

If you’re concerned about a student’s wellbeing or mental health, you can talk to one of our mental health coordinators for guidance and advice.