Privacy and confidentiality

Find out how the information you provide is kept totally private by Mauri Ora.

Privacy and confidentiality are taken very seriously at Mauri Ora. All Mauri Ora staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Your health or counselling information is not available to academic staff or other University staff.

Know your rights

The Health Information Privacy Code sets specific privacy rules for agencies in the health sector. It covers the collection of health information, how it's used and stored, and when it can be disclosed by health agencies. You have the right to access the health information we hold about you (and have it corrected) under rule 6 and 7 of the Health Information Privacy Code 2020.

You have the protection of the Code of Rights when you use any health or disability service in New Zealand. It is a regulation under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act.

Shared electronic health and counselling record

Student Health and Student Counselling share an electronic appointment and database system. Personal health and counselling information obtained from you, along with notes from your clinical consultations, are documented on this electronic record. Your clinical notes are accessed by health and counselling professionals involved in your care and thus authorised to do so. There is a facility within our computer system for making particular consultation notes only accessible to specified providers should you wish us to do this on any occasion.

When more than one health professional at Victoria University of Wellington is involved in your care (e.g. Student Health doctor and/or nurse and/or counsellor), information relevant to your care may be shared between those health professionals. This ensures we are all working together to provide you with the best possible care.

Patient enrolment information

Student Health enrolment information will be used by the Ministry of Health to give you a National Health Index (NHI) number, or to update any changes. Enrolment information will also be sent to the Primary Health Organisation (PHO) and Ministry of Health to obtain subsidised funding on my behalf and used to determine eligibility to receive publicly funded services.

Storage of notes

Health and Counselling information about you is kept securely on our computer system. As of 2018 all incoming paper based medical information has been digitised and allocated to your electronic record. If you enrolled at Student Health prior to 2018 then you may also have paper notes as well. Only Mauri Ora staff have access to the computer information and paper files.

Disposal of notes

Redundant health information e.g. copies of letters or results which have been filed electronically, are disposed of on the premises by secure shredding. Clinical notes which exist as paper-based files are retained by Student Health and Counselling for about 10 years in a secure facility.

Computerised clinical files are 'inactivated' if a student does not re-enrol but remain retrievable within the system should they be required.

Transfer of notes

When you leave the University, we are happy to transfer your medical file to your next doctor. We do not transfer any notes to other parties without your consent. Generally, the transfer of notes is arranged between your new practice and Student Health (Counselling notes are excluded)—patients do not have to actively collect and deliver this information.

If you have any concerns about confidentiality and information access, discuss this with your health professional.

Statistics, quality improvement, research

You should be aware that some of your information may be used for statistical and service quality improvement purposes. This information will only be used in a form that does not identify individuals. From time to time we may use non-identifiable client information for ethics committee approved research purposes.

If in doubt talk with us

If you have any concerns about privacy and confidentiality, or would simply like more information about these topics, talk to your Mauri Ora Health Professional or to the Mauri Ora Business Manager +64 4 463 5308. You can also read Mauri Ora's privacy statement for more information.