Students who are registered with us receive free routine appointments. Learn more about registration and view a full list of costs.

There is no charge for general appointments if you are a registered patient at Student Health. You're eligible to register if you're a New Zealand citizen, a resident visa or permanent resident visa holder, or fall under another category listed on the second page of our enrolment form.

Charges will also apply for non-registered international students, although costs may be covered by insurance. If you are an international student insured with the Studentsafe insurance scheme, Student Health will bill the insurer directly for most of your visits, in accordance with your coverage. Other insurance companies cannot be billed in this way, meaning that you'll need to pay on the day of your appointment, and then claim reimbursement later from your insurer.

All students, including registered patients, will need to pay for services that go beyond a general consultation, such as specialist services, vaccinations or travel consultations.

There is an $18 fee if you do not attend your scheduled standard appointment.

Register with Student Health

Find out how to become a registered patient at Student Health and what this means for you.

Pricing schedule

View Student Health's pricing schedule for a full list of service costs.