Student and alumni profiles

Find out what study in our School is like–read what our current and past students have to say about their experiences.

Raven sits at a desk in the library with a book open in front of her.

Raven Maeder

Raven is studying a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Laws.

Raiatea stands in front of rocky hills

Raiatea Barlow Kameta

Raiatea is a candidate for a Master of Science in Physical Geography.

Clarrie Macklin sits in the foreground with a glacier model on the computer screen behind him.

Clarrie Macklin

Wanting to keep his options open, Clarrie started off his time at university with a BSc in Geophysics and English Literature.

Francesca Mills, wearing a lab coat, stands in a lab in front of rows of glass beakers

Francesca Mills

Like many kiwi kids, Francesca grew up in and out of the water and, over time, she gained an appreciation for freshwater environments.

Kyle Clem stands in front of a map showing weather and pressure zones.

Kyle Clem

Kyle completed a PhD in Physical Geography where he researched the climate and weather in Antarctica.

Jakob Parrish standing outside amongst vegetation

Jakob Parrish

Jakob was drawn to Environmental Science for the opportunity to work with many leading scientists and to make a difference to the future of New Zealand.

Laurette Siemonek stands outside with Wellington city behind her

Laurette Siemonek

Laurette is studying towards a Master of Climate Change Science and Policy.

Amber sits at her desk and looks directly at the camera. Behind her, on her computer screen, is one of the paintings from her exhibition.

Amber Kale

Amber began her time at the University with a Bachelor of Arts but her interest in refugee resettlement saw her pursue research in Human Geography.

Arif stands in the middle of a sports field, with rolling hills and an orange building behind him.

Arif Hasan

With research that bridges the gap between science and the humanities, Arif is looking at the economic, political, and scientific contexts of climate change.

Beth sits at her computer, turned towards the camera. On her computer screens are maps of New Zealand with certain areas highlighted

Beth Lawson

With interests in geography, IT systems, problem solving, nature and data visualisation, Beth decided that a Postgraduate Diploma in GIS was for her.

Kelle, wearing a black scarf and dark grey shirt, stands with her arms crossed in front of trees and high rise buildings.

Kelle Howson

With a passion for global economic justice and social research, Kelle completed a PhD in Development Studies and now works as a researcher in government.

Leo sits at his desk, turned towards the camera, with his computer behind him.

Leo Mercer

Environmental issues are some of the most complex challenges faced by society today, says Leo, who is conducting research to help address some of these issues.

Omid leans against the wall and looks at the camera. The wall paper is a world map.

Omid Khazaeian

Omid is pursuing a PhD in Geographic Information Science where he is looking at an important aspect in urban planning–commuting.

Bindi smiles at the camera wearing a pink top behind a grey background

Bindi Robertson

Bindi's concerns about climate change motivated her to return to postgraduate study.

Quyet stands behind the ocean wearing a brown leather jacket looking away from the camera.

Quyet Trinh

Quyet gained the practical and theoretical skills needed to make a difference to future generations to come.