The Antarctic Research Centre provides world-leading research on how the Antarctic is responding to climate change and the consequences, both globally and for New Zealand.

We believe this research opens up exciting opportunities and challenges for young scientists, as well as providing a sound basis for international debate and policy development on global change issues.

Snow covered Antarctic landscape with text overlay that says 'Celebrating 50 years, 1972-2022'
Students conducting research in the Football moraines, Idisto Inlet, Antarctica.

Antarctic and ocean floor sedimentology

Our sedimentary research provides important archives of changes in ice sheets and glaciers and their influence on climate and sea level through time.

Sedimentology research

Climate from ice cores

Our research into ice cores helps New Zealand to understand the major Southern Hemisphere climate drivers causing high frequency climate variability.

Ice core research
Ice core pic for main page
Image of a glacier in a velly.

Glacier and ice sheet modelling

Our modelling research allows us to investigate how New Zealand and Antarctic glaciers and ice sheets respond to past, present and future climate change.

Glacier modelling research
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ARC is carbon neutral!

In 2017, the ARC became the first institute at Victoria University of Wellington to go carbon neutral through the purchase of rainforest offsets from Ekos.