Beth Lawson

With interests in geography, IT systems, problem solving, nature and data visualisation, Beth decided that a Postgraduate Diploma in GIS was for her.

Beth sits at her computer, turned towards the camera. On her computer screens are maps of New Zealand with certain areas highlighted

“I wanted to do a postgraduate qualification that would combine these interests and keep my options open. GIS is a growing industry with so many career opportunities, so this qualification ticked all the boxes.”

As part of the course Beth completed a GIS internship with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). Once she’d completed the internship she stayed on and now works at LINZ full time as a geospatial data analyst.

“I am in the biosecurity and biodiversity team. We deal with biosecurity threats to crown owned property. My main project is working on spatial data for the New Zealand Wildling Conifer Management Strategy. Wildling conifers are very invasive, especially in the South Island. This programme is key for preventing these trees from overwhelming native landscapes.

“This postgraduate degree is a great option if you want to pursue a career in the GIS sector. It gives you a well-rounded foundation of knowledge, skills and practical experience. The courses are interesting, and the lecturers are fantastic and come from different backgrounds within the GIS sphere.”

Beth enjoys living and working in Wellington, emphasising the brilliant cafe and nightclub culture, the beautiful landscapes and the multitude of outdoor activities. “I’ve especially loved the visits from whales and dolphins recently.”