Academic Staff

The following School staff lead research projects within the Quaternary Environments Research Group, with some working in the Antarctic Research Centre:

  • Dr Brian Anderson - Glacier dynamics, mass balance and glacier-climate interactions, paleoclimate science, and climate change
  • Dr Cliff Atkins - sedimentary processes and environments, polar aeolian sediment distribution, analysis of polar glaciomarine drillcores, and terrestrial cold-based glaciers
  • Associate Prof Nancy Bertler - Climate change, Antarctica, ice core records and climatology, past and future climate variability, ice sheet stability, rapid climate change, sea ice variability, global carbon budget
  • Emeritus Prof Lionel Carter - Marine geology and palaeoceanography
  • Dr Warren Dickinson - Sediment geochemistry, Antarctic permafrost, and global mineral resources
  • Dr Gavin Dunbar - Sedimentology
  • Dr Shaun Eaves - drivers and mechanisms of Quarternary climate change, global transition, palaeoclimatic reconstruction using mountain glaciers, geological investigation, geochronological techniques, numerical glacier modelling
  • Associate Prof Nick Golledge - numerical modelling, Antarctic ice sheet simulation, ice sheets and climate change, Antarctic ice sheet dynamics, flowline modelling of Antarctic Glaciers.
  • Associate Prof Michael Hannah - Micropalaeontology, Marine palynomorphs, Antarctic ice sheet history, Past climates, Evolution, Mass extinction
  • Dr Jamie Howarth - earthquake behaviour/hazards posed by plate boundary faults, storm frequency/drivers, landscape responses of mountain systems to seismic shaking and storms.
  • Prof Rewi Newnham - Palynology, Quaternary vegetation and climate reconstruction, Quaternary environmental change, palaeoclimate, climate change, environmental archaeology, and aerobiology
  • Dr Lynda Petherick - Quaternary science, palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental variability, palynology, aeolian dust flux, geochemistry, past sea level change, late Holocene freshwater health, and lake sediments.
  • Dr Andrew Rees - paleoecology
  • Associate Prof Gillian Turner - Paleomegnetism and geomagnetism
  • Prof Colin Wilson - Quaternary volcanism, tephrochronology

Please contact a staff member in the research area of interest to you.

Other Staff