With New Zealand’s current focus on science and innovation, and science in society, science graduates are in demand.

Growing job market

Studying science doesn’t necessarily mean working in a lab. A Science degree opens doors to many careers that aren’t research based, but are still connected to science.

The skills you learn and attributes you will gain within your science degree are sought after by employers from many different industries and Victoria’s science graduates can be confident the skills they acquire during their studies will boost their employability in a competitive market.

Where can our majors take you?

Development Studies

The connections and experience that a qualification in development studies provides can create opportunities to work for governmental or non-governmental agencies around the world. You could work in the Pacific Islands supporting nations dealing with the effects of climate change or you could work in an African nation improving access to education. Graduates find employment in many diverse and interesting fields, including New Zealand’s aid programme within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and in non-governmental organisations including Caritas, Oxfam, Save the Children, Tear Fund, Volunteer Service Abroad and World Vision.

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Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies

Whilst studying the Environmental Sciences, students are prepared with the mathematical and scientific background necessary to be environmental scientists, and graduates are highly sought after for careers in this challenging area as more and more industries realise the importance of reducing our impact on the environment. An environmental scientist may work as an adviser in either the public or private sector, looking at issues such as freshwater management or sustainability.

In regards to Environmental Studies, graduates might find work in local or national government as a policy analyst or in an advisory or education role. There are also possibilities for graduates in the private sector in jobs such as a consultant or a planner. Many have gone on to work in places including the Ministry for the Environment, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and regional or city councils. You might join a non-governmental organisation, a corporation, an iwi organisation or become an environmental business consultant or social entrepreneur.

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With Geography, you could specialise in geographic information systems and help to visualise geographic data with computer systems. Alternatively, you may take on an advisory role in the public or private sector to improve the way we navigate social, cultural and environmental problems.

If your studies focus on Physical Geography courses, you’ll be highly regarded by employers because of your breadth of knowledge and skills, and your adaptability to a range of employment, including land-use planning, environmental consultancy, and resource management. You could work as a land management adviser, a geographical analyst, or become a researcher at a Crown research institute to increase understanding of the natural world, in Aotearoa New Zealand or abroad.

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The continued success of many industries relies on the expertise of qualified geologists. You could join a mining company to locate, or give advice on, the use of natural resources, or support our ability to manage the risk of natural hazards. Our graduates find employment around the world in areas such as environmental consultancy, geotechnical engineering, local council and government positions, oil and gas exploration, resource development, utilities or teaching.

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Geophysics and Meteorology

With Meteorology, being able to understand and predict weather patterns and climate trends is essential for many businesses to operate effectively. MetService and other Crown research institutes are major hirers of Meteorology graduates, but other industries such as aviation and energy production are also reliant on trained meteorologists.

Geophysicists may work as advisers for mining companies, or support major infrastructure projects as part of engineering firms. Crown research institutes such as GNS looks for Geophysics graduates to support their research into Aotearoa’s geological activity.

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