Omid Khazaeian

Omid is pursuing a PhD in Geographic Information Science where he is looking at an important aspect in urban planning–commuting.

Omid leans against the wall and looks at the camera. The wall paper is a world map.

“GIS is one of the main analysis tools in urban and regional planning. I have a background in planning so decided to do a PhD in GIS to improve my analytical skills. Urban mobility looks at transportation and telecommunication within cities and is probably my favourite research topic. A PhD has given me the opportunity to do research in this field with a case study that hasn’t been extensively looked at before–the Wellington region.”

Omid’s research is multidisciplinary, combining econometrics with geography. “I have noticed that there are issues with commuting in New Zealand cities and I hope my research will lead to new and more efficient urban policies.

“I am interested in both academia and the GIS industry. GIS is not a pure science but sits in the interaction between research and society. This PhD has allowed me to both work as a researcher and engage with the GIS and spatial industry.

“I think Victoria University of Wellington is one of the best universities to do a postgraduate qualification in GIS, mainly because of the great supervision, friendly staff and facilities. Wellington city is almost completely walkable, there are a lot of activities and events to take part in and I have found the University and the downtown area very easy to access.”