Academic Staff

The following School staff lead research projects within the Tectonics and Geophysics Research Group:

  • Associate Prof Simon Lamb - Tectonics and structural geology
  • Prof Tim Little - Earth deformation, rise of deep-seated metamorphic rocks, paleoseismology, and mountain-building in the Southern Alps
  • Prof Martha Savage - Earthquakes, volcanoes, earth structure, and plate tectonics
  • Prof Diane Seward - Low temperature thermochronology: Fission-track analysis, (U-Th-Sm)/He analysis with applications in tectonics, structural geology, basin analysis, and landscape evolution
  • Emeritus Prof Euan Smith - Seismology, and seismic hazard assessment
  • Prof Tim Stern - Crustal structure, interaction of climate and tectonics, and exploration geophysics
  • Prof Rupert Sutherland - Plate kinematics, plate-boundary processes, and exploration geophysics
  • Prof John Townend - Earthquakes and fault mechanics, plate tectonics, tectonophysics, seismology, structural geology, and alpine faults
  • Dr Julie Vry - Metamorphism, metamorphic pressure-temperature-time (P-T-t) histories, fluid flow, and fluid-rock interaction
  • Prof Colin Wilson - Explosive volcanism, and interactions of magmatic and tectonic processes

Please contact a staff member in the research area of interest to you.

Other staff