About us

Learn about the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences’ learning environment.

Our programmes bring staff and students together to investigate the changing nature of the Earth through time and the processes that constantly reshape it.

We examine the Earth’s history, how people interact with it and manage its resources in the present and, most importantly, we look to the future. We ask the important questions about how climate change will affect the planet and what we can do to mitigate the changes we see happening. Our Environmental Studies, Development Studies, Geology, Geophysics, and Physical Geography courses are designed to explore these questions.

More than 150 postgraduate students from over 20 different countries are enrolled in the School and bring a rich diversity to the friendly and supportive atmosphere. Students comment on the approachable nature of the world-class academic staff who work here.

The teaching and research programmes are supported by practical work in tutorials, laboratories and in the field. Our field courses are very popular and many of our taught courses offer a significant field component. In these group activities students get to know each other and School staff who willingly share their passion for their subject.