Jakob Parrish

Jakob was drawn to Environmental Science for the opportunity to work with many leading scientists and to make a difference to the future of New Zealand.

Jakob Parrish standing outside amongst vegetation

“The idea that I can be part of the conversation on environmental sustainability and not just a bystander is something that really appeals to me.”

Freshwater quality

“I’m researching anthropogenic influences on fresh water quality, both in the past and the future. This involves investigating how natural processes such as riparian zones can mitigate future pollution, reconstructing a lake’s health and history and looking at the implication this plays on informing previous and future land users.

“Reconstructing the past is the gateway to the future. Only through understanding this, can we start to inform local land users on sustainable processes that preserve environmental health.”

Excellent support

At first Jakob found the thought of a Master’s quite daunting but the support that was offered from both fellow students and lecturers alike made me realise that he was not alone. “The ability to focus your studies on areas of personal interest allows for classes to be both engaging and educational.”