Bindi Robertson

Bindi's concerns about climate change motivated her to return to postgraduate study.

Bindi smiles at the camera wearing a pink top behind a grey background

Bindi Robertson has already compiled an impressive academic career, earning a PhD in Natural Resource Management in 2011. Despite her academic and professional success, Bindi had personal concerns about climate change and the potential negative effects on biodiversity and future generations. These concerns led her back to university and the Master of Climate Change Science and Policy (MCCSP) at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

During the one-year 180-point Master’s, she delved into many of the areas related to climate change.

“We covered a range of topics related to climate change including the physical science, the different perspectives on the seriousness, priority areas and solutions, current versus future policies around both mitigation and adaption, the role of carbon markets, and human behaviour in relation to environmental issues.”

A complicated issue

“I learnt how complex this problem is and how entrenched people are in business as usual. However, it became clear throughout the programme that there is a high level of motivation to solve the climate change problem and that global awareness, action, and momentum is building.”

Hands-on experience

During Trimester 3, Bindi worked on her practicum with the New Zealand Energy Certification System (NZECS) which led to her becoming a full-time employee with them after she graduated.

“The programme exceeded my expectations by providing me with the knowledge of climate change issues and the questioning ability to feel positive and empowered to contribute to real change. My placement became full-time work, so I currently work for NZECS. My role is as a sustainability technical specialist focuses on increasing the credibility and impact of energy certificates in New Zealand, as one of the many solutions to decarbonisation.

“I feel like I learnt everything I need to feel empowered to make change and to springboard into a career that I can be passionate about.”