Raiatea Barlow Kameta

Raiatea is a candidate for a Master of Science in Physical Geography.

Raiatea stands in front of rocky hills

Important research

“My Master’s research is looking at the intersection between climate change, natural hazards and human response and responsibility. This flood modelling project incorporates almost everything I have learnt at University ­– geology, geographic information science, geomorphology, environmental management and hydrology, at scales ranging from the regional to the minute. My supervisors are at the top of their fields. They can explain the most complex concepts in the simplest terms, and are developing internationally recognised hydrologic modelling and mapping tools, which my project contributes to.”

“I love being around people who are passionate about their job, whether that be teaching, scientific research, or giving back to communities through outreach programmes such as Te Rōpū Āwhina."

Beyond university

“This programme has exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to put my skills into practice. I’d like to work for a company that pushes the boundaries in geo-technology, science communication or climate change and hazard research."

Ideal location

“There is no better place in New Zealand to study. Dynamic is probably the best way to describe Wellington. The learning environment isn’t just the classroom; it extends from the national fieldtrips, to the powerful political decisions being made just down the road. I love being able to look out the window of my office and see a landscape uplifted from the sea, and a highway that follows the path of a fault.”