Strengthening Polish-Kiwi connections

Peter Fraser’s invitation to Polish refugee children at the end of World War II has been inspirational for many people, not least of whom Polish PhD student Joanna Siekiera.
Joanna is currently in New Zealand undertaking research for her doctoral thesis on New Zealand’s role in the South Pacific’s regional legal and political institutions.
Asked “Why New Zealand?” she is very clear.
“About the time I was picking my thesis topic for my Bachelor’s degree I came across the touching story of the Polish children being offered a second home here in New Zealand. They grew up here, were educated here, helped establish this new sovereign country.”
Joanna says their story is basis of contemporary diplomatic relations between Poland and New Zealand.
Fast-forward seven years and she is one of a few European specialists in the field of diplomatic law, Polish foreign relations policy and the legal frameworks for co-operation among the states of the South Pacific region. She is currently based at the University of Wroclaw, Poland, with the Chair of International and European Law.
During her three months in New Zealand, Johanna has been meeting with academics, diplomats, government ministers and representatives and members of the Polish community, and giving lectures on her research. Her time at Victoria's Faculty of Law has been under the supervision of Professor Tony Angelo.
Joanna says she is grateful for the opportunities she has been given here in New Zealand, including this week’s public lecture for The New Zealand Association for Comparative Law. She is also very optimistic about the future of New Zealand—Polish relations.
“It’s not only about bilateral relations, but relations between two regions—Poland at the heart of Europe and New Zealand as representative of the South Pacific. By building cooperation with each country, we build relationships with these wider regions as well.”