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Oxford New Zealand Dictionaries

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Other New Zealand Dictionaries compiled at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington

A Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language. Auckland University Press/Bridget Williams Books (1997)

A Concise Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language. Bridget Williams Books (2001)

Other publications


  • Bardsley, Dianne 2013 The Book of New Zealand Words. Wellington: Te Papa Press
  • Bauer, Laurie, Dianne Bardsley, Janet Holmes & Paul Warren 2011 Q and Eh: Questions and Answers on Language with a Kiwi Twist. Auckland: Random House.
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  • Bardsley, Dianne. 1995. The Mindless Enemy Teacher Handbook. Auckland: New House Publishers.
  • Bardsley, Dianne. 1991. Factors Relating to the Differential Reading Attitudes, Habits and Interests of Adolescents. Ministry of Education.


  • Bardsley, Dianne 2013 The New Zealand Senior School Oxford Dictionary 5th edition. Melbourne: OUP
  • Bardsley, Dianne 2011 New Zealand Oxford Primary School Dictionary & Thesaurus Melbourne: OUP
  • Bardsley, Dianne. 2011 NZ Oxford Junior Dictionary 4th ed
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  • Bardsley, Dianne 2005. The New Zealand Oxford Mini Thesaurus Melbourne: OUP

Chapters in books (most recent and selected)

  • Bardsley, Dianne 2013 Slang in Godzone Aotearoa-New Zealand in Coleman, Julie (ed) Global English Slang: Methodologies & Perspectives. Oxford: Routledge
  • Bardsley, Dianne. 2013 A Far-flung Tongue: the lexis of William Colenso in published conference proceedings Gazing with a Trained Eye, William Colenso Bicentenary Conference, Napier, November 2011
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  • Bardsley, Dianne. ‘New Zealand or Aotearoa – Land of the long white cloud’ in Ronowicz, Eddie & Colin Yallop (2007) English: One Language, Different Cultures London: Continuum: 175-218

Edited works

  • Bardsley, Dianne (editor) (2006) Wellington Working Papers in Linguistics 18. (New Zealand English)
  • Bardsley, Dianne. (editor) NZWords (Vols 7-13)
  • Deverson, Tony. (editor) NZWords (Vols 1-6)

Journal articles

  • Bardsley, Dianne 2004- 2013 (ed and contributor) NZWords (annual publication from NZ Dictionary Centre published by OUP, Melbourne)
  • Bardsley, Dianne. 2010 ‘The increasing use of hypocoristics in New Zealand English in New Zealand English Journal 24. 55-65
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  • Bardsley, Dianne 2010 Review: Shear Hard Work: A History of New Zealand Shearing by
    Hazel Riseborough, Auckland University Press 2010 in ‘New Zealand Journal of History’ 44.2.
  • Bardsley, Dianne 2008 – 2013: regular monthly Language slot with Chris Laidlaw on Sunday, National Radio
  • Bardsley, Dianne. 2008. How Round is a Rotunda? NZWords 12
  • Bardsley, Dianne 2007- 2013: Watch Your Language regular column, Dominion Post newspaper
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Website publication

Relevant presentations

  • Bardsley, Dianne. 2010 National Dictionaries: To what extent are they valid storehouses of cultural, environmental, and socio-historical data? English Dictionaries in Global and Historical Context Conference, Kingston Ontario, June.
  • Bardsley, Dianne. 2009. Ready access to electronic archives: to what extent does citation antedating change our national historical dictionaries? Australex conference, Sydney. November
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Other works

  • Bardsley, Dianne 2007. ‘Raupo’ NZ Geographic 86
  • Bardsley, Dianne. 2005. ‘New Zealand vs. Australian English’ NZ Geographic 72
  • Bardsley, Dianne. 2004. ‘Man’s Best Friend Down Under: A Mixed Lexical Bag’ NZ Geographic 70
  • Dianne Bardsley also contributed to the Watch Your Language column in the Dominion Post newspaper