Find out about our current and previous research projects related to Deaf people and New Zealand Sign Language.

Current research projects

Signs of development—Sociolinguistic variation and change in NZSL in times of status change and globalisation

Lexicography - making dictionaries of NZSL

Teaching NZSL remotely in the Covid-19 pandemic

Previous projects

Name signs in classrooms—teachers' and students' perspectives

Signs of globalisation

Learn NZSL—an e-learning website for NZSL beginners

Our place—geographical signs

Assessing the ethnolinguistic vitality of NZSL

Christchurch earthquake Deaf history

Sociolinguistic variation in NZSL

Deaf children in mainstream classrooms

Research theses

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Bathard, Hayley. 2014. Intricate Identities: Cochlear Implant Users Negotiating Lives Between d/Deaf and Hearing Worlds. MA Thesis

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Simchowitz, Melissa. 2023. Language Practices of Māori Deaf New Zealand Sign Language Users for Identity Expression. MA Thesis