Speed reading and listening fluency (Sonia Millett)

Download speed reading courses and listening exercises for improving reading speed and listening fluency.

Speed Readings

Speed Readings are exercises designed to increase the speed of a student's reading. Their purpose is not to increase vocabulary size nor to improve reading comprehension. By testing speed reading in isolation from other learning objectives, students will gain more confidence, enjoyment, and success. Most of the material on this page was developed by Sonia Millett.

A course in speed reading

If a consistent measure of reading speed is needed when reading different texts, then the number of characters (letters, punctuation, spaces) in each text needs to be the same (Carver, 1976; Kramer & McLean, forthcoming).

In this 1000-level speed-reading course, each text is exactly 3000 characters long (500 standard words). To learn more about speed reading, read Nation, I.S.P. (2005) Reading faster. Pasaa 36: 21-37.


Quicklistens are regular, quick, focused listening exercises. They are based on ongoing audio stories utilising the principles of graded readers: high student interest, repeated exposure to high-frequency vocabulary and grammar, and the principles of fluency development. For more information about Quicklistens, read the introduction to Quicklistens.