Shannon Couper

Master of Arts student

Shannon Couper
I study linguistics because I believe that identifying how macro-level discourses are enacted in daily life is incredibly empowering. Every social issue you can think of depends on language for framing, debation, challenging, educating, motivating, and as the driving force behind making the changes we want to see in the world.

The Victoria University of Wellington Linguistics programme is internationally renowned and has really put Wellington on the global map. The staff here have been absolutely crucial in fostering my curiosity and empowering me to think big. Alongside the tight-knit community, Linguistics at this university has a longstanding tradition of producing cutting edge, progressive research—and to be a part of that is super rewarding.

There is literally no better place in the country to be a student than Wellington. People build and become themselves here in a way that would only be possible in this unique environment. We are so lucky to have the world at our fingertips in this beautiful city.

I came to Victoria University of Wellington with a broad range of interests. Being a student at the University allowed me to cast the net wide and explore all my options. During my time here, I've had amazing opportunities. I've been able to go on overseas exchanges, take up internships at international non-governmental organisations, present my research at international conferences, and learn from the best of the best. Studying here has allowed me to reach further than I ever thought I'd want to, let alone be able to.

Shannon also competed at the inter-university 3 Minute Thesis final.