Practical applications

An important part of the Project is finding ways to make Language in the Workplace material and findings useful to 'users', i.e. workplace practitioners. One of the goals of applied sociolinguistic research is that it has direct application in places where language is a vital tool of communication. The Project Team is exploring a number of avenues by which the information and analysis we have compiled can be made accessible to language users in the workplace:

  • We have worked with the Settlement Unit, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) in the production of resources for employers of migrants and migrant employees.
  • The workplace data has been presented in a wide range of public seminars and presentations, as well as in media interviews and TV appearances. A number of newspaper and magazine articles, accessible to a general audience, have been produced.
  • Detailed collaboration with HR managers has led to the production of a communication evaluation model for workplace communication skills development. This has been trialled with a high profile commercial organisation.
  • Seminars and workshops have been presented at all participating workplaces, as well as to a wide range of other end-users such as the National Library, the Ministry of Education, the Wellington Employment Tribunal and Wakefield Hospital.
  • We have produced and trialled modules and related text and audiovisual resources for practical workshop-based training in workplace communication. These materials have been collated into a practical resource kit consisting of a video and handbook for use by workplace communication training and human resources practitioners.
  • We have compiled a series of brochures on each of the areas of research we have focused on so far, aimed at users in workplaces.
  • We offer a limited consultancy and transcription service to selected businesses.

If you are interested to see how any of these initiatives could be useful in your workplace, would like any of our resources on workplace communication, or want information on upcoming seminars or workshops, please contact us.