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Download H.V. George’s publications—Director of Victoria University of Wellington’s English Language Institute from 1964 to 1981.


H.V. George was Director of the English Language Institute (ELI) at Victoria University of Wellington (now incorporated into the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies) from 1964 to 1981. His publications (most of which are listed below) included a report on a verb frequency count which was one of the earliest substantial studies to use corpus-based frequency data in grammatical description, and his book Common Errors in Language Learning.

During his retirement he continued with his interest in language, language teaching and language learning, and wrote a book called Essays in Informational English Grammar. He did not submit this book for publication. This book clearly builds on his earlier work but takes it much further. With the permission of his family, this book has now been made available in PDF format, so that past students and colleagues can read it and recall this exceptional man, and so that his work is available for others who did not have the privilege of working with him.

We wish to acknowledge the work of Gerry Meister for getting the manuscript into this form and for Christopher Pound of La Trobe University for the layout and PDF files.

George, H.V. (1997) Essays in Informational English Grammar: With reference to English language teaching Bundoora: La Trobe University.

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Other publications

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