Ursula Featherston

Ursula Featherston BA student (Major in Spanish and TESOL and a minor in Linguistics)

Ursula Featherstone stands smiling on a path in a wooded area.
I chose to study TESOL and linguistics because I have always been fascinated by how people are able to learn languages and how that process changes through the different age groups.  I have always admired people who are able to speak multiple languages and the many advantages for brain function and being in social environments that it can give people.

I wanted to learn linguistics and TESOL alongside my Spanish language learning as it aligned with my goal of  wanting to reach near native level in another language as well as developing the tools to help other people learn languages. I think I definitely have achieved this as a result of choosing these programmes.

The reputation of the academics in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics really drew me to study here. It is a privilege to be taught and mentored by the highly acclaimed professors and be able to gain valuable insight from their experience.