The New Zealand School Thesaurus 2005

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This comprehensive and easy-to-use thesaurus of antonyms and synonyms is specifically compiled for New Zealand secondary school students. It reflects the creative and sometimes playful and distinctive nature of New Zealand English, with example sentences and phrases to identify the different senses of headwords. At the same time, formal usage and origins are provided.

In this thesaurus, under the verb to discard you will find: They discarded their old clothes. cast off, chuck out, dispose of, ditch, dump, get rid of, hiff/hiff out, jettison, reject, scrap, shed, throw away. Under the verb to fossick, you will find: He was fossicking in the pile for anything useful. ferret, fish, forage, hunt, poke around, poozle, rake through, rummage, scavenge, scrounge, search.