Certificate of Proficiency

Pursue your passion, gain new skills, supplement your studies. A Certificate of Proficiency lets you study any course for points without enrolling in a degree.

The Certificate of Proficiency is an umbrella term for mainstream university courses taken out of interest, to acquire new skills, or to supplement ongoing studies. It can be taken to study any of the thousands of courses offered at the University without committing to an entire degree programme, but which will still accrue points that can be counted towards a degree at a later date.

It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of our world-class teaching and cutting-edge research, and be able to pick and choose courses from any of our faculties. It’s an investment in your future that is sure to pay dividends.

Kyle Wang, Certificate of Proficiency student

I would recommend anyone who is serious about high-quality learning and favours face-to-face communication consider studying courses for a Certificate of Proficiency.

—Kyle Wang, Imaging Scientist, Applied Statistics Certificate of Proficiency student

How to apply

You can study any course at the University that you meet the prerequisites for.

Course costs vary according to the subject and level you are studying at, and the student services levy allows you to access the broad range of useful services on our campuses that make studying at the University that much easier.

Begin exploring the many courses on offer, and then find out which admission type applies to you.

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