Your Offer of Study

To confirm your enrolment you need to accept your Offer of Study and provide some documentation.

Receiving an offer

When we receive your application to enrol, we will send you an Offer of Study. Your offer is an official list of the qualifications and courses that Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington is offering you a place. It will also include details of what they will cost you.

You should receive this within 4 weeks of applying, sometimes longer depending on the programme.

Conditional Offer of Study

If you are still waiting for your NCEA results, or in some other circumstances, you will receive a Conditional Offer of Study. A Conditional Offer will tell you what results you need to achieve or other information you need to supply.

Waiting on an Offer of Study

If you have applied only for open-entry courses and programmes and your Offer of Study hasn’t arrived after 4 weeks, email or call 0800 04 04 04.

Accepting an Offer Of Study

In most cases, you can accept your Offer of Study online by following the instructions in the email we sent you. You may be asked to finalise your programme in person. Your Offer of Study will tell you where to go or who to see.

When you accept an Offer of Study, you are accepting a place in the courses or programmes offered to you and agreeing to abide by the statutes and policies of the University. You become liable for payment of fees by the due date.

NCEA results

If you have University Entrance you will automatically be accepted into your programme when NCEA results are released in New Zealand

Making changes to your programme

If you want to change the programmes and courses you’ve selected after you receive your Offer of Study, you can accept 'with changes'. You will be given a limited time to accept with changes. Refer to your offer for the due date.

If you make changes to your programme of study, this may change your fees, or affect whether you’re eligible for student loans or allowances—make sure you check.

Find out more about adding or withdrawing courses after enrolment or once your courses have begun.

Declining an offer

If you decide not to study at the University, you can decline your Offer of Study online or by emailing stating you wish to decline your offer.

Completing your enrolment

Once you return your offer, and any conditions and requirements have been met, you will receive a Confirmation of Study. This will confirm the details of your programme of study, showing any changes you may have made to your Offer of Study.

View your timetable

Your confirmation will also show your username, and steps on how to log in to your student account for the first time. Go to MyTimetable to find your timetable and lecture rooms.

Student ID card

You will receive an email from the Enrolment Office when your student ID card is ready to collect at the start of the trimester. If you are a distance student you will need to email and request your ID card to be posted to your home address.

Upload a photo while applying on the online enrolment system or email a suitable photo to

Send your documentation

To finalise your enrolment, you need to supply us with certified copies of certain documents. It is important you send these as soon as you complete your online application.

Declined admission

If you’ve applied to study and have been declined admission, entry into some courses or you've been waitlisted—find out what your options are.