Jane Chewings

Senior Technical Officer
School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

Areas of responsibility

  • manage Sedimentology, Soils & Water Quality, Palynology, Particle Size Analysis laboratories, and Cold Storage Core Facility
  • support ESCI, PHYG and ENSC research and teaching
  • support Antarctic Research Centre research
  • support Technical Services Manager as "2IC"


  • Geosciences Society of NZ - J.T. Kingma Award for Technical Excellence in the Earth Sciences (2020)
  • Geosciences Society of NZ – Hastie Research Award (2011)

Recent Publications

Winton, V.H.L., Dunbar, G., Bertler, N.A.N., Millet, M-A., Delmonte, B., Andersson, P., Atkins, C., Chewings, J.M., & Andersson, P. (2014). The contribution of aeolian sand and dust to iron fertilization of phytoplankton blooms in southwestern Ross Sea, Antarctica. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 8(4), 423–436.

Chewings, J.M., Atkins, C.B., Dunbar, G.B., & Golledge, N.R. (2014). Aeolian sediment transport and deposition in a modern high latitude glacial marine environment. Sedimentology, 61(6), 1535–1557.