Diane Seward

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Teaching Fellow
School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

Research Interests

Low temperature thermochronology: Fission-track analysis, (U-Th-Sm)/He analysis with applications in tectonics, structural geology, basin analysis, landscape evolution.


  • PhD in Geology - Victoria University of Wellington (1974)
  • MSc in Geology - McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada (1965)
  • BSc with Honours in Geology - University of Wales (1963)

Current Research Projects

  • landscape evolution of North Island, New Zealand
  • timing of the re-routing of the Yangtze River – basin studies through to Eocene time
  • U/Pb zircon ages, heavy mineral analysis, FT analysis from the Yangtze River - source to sink
  • landscape and tectonic evolution in Sri Lanka related to Gondwana break-up
  • thermo-tectonic history of various regions of the Himalaya
  • evolution of the Kohistan Arc, Pakistan
  • synthesis of world apatite fission track data (with Frederic Herman, ETH Zurich).


Publications 2008 - 2015