Nuzha Saleem

The effect of identity and belonging on resilience in ethnic minority youth.

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Nuzha Saleem

PhD Student
School of Psychology


Nuzha is ethnically Sri Lankan, born and raised in Oman. She moved to New Zealand in 2012 to pursue tertiary study. She completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Otago and an Honours in Psychology the following year. During her stay, Nuzha’s exposure to various minority groups within NZ stirred her interest in the immigrant youth experience, specifically their identification as Kiwi and sense of belonging to New Zealand. She has since switched research domains and is now pursuing a Doctorate degree within the Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research (CACR) at Victoria University of Wellington.


Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Research Interests

Cross cultural psychology; Identity and belonging in immigrant youth; Adaptation and resilience.

PhD topic

The effect of identity and belonging on resilience in ethnic minority youth.


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Taciano Milfont

Lecturer in Maori and Indigenous Psychology
School of Psychology


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